1. How did you get started in Dirad?

I just graduated from University and looking for job opportunities. I came across about this career opportunity from online portal. While waiting for other job interview, I just gave it a try to find out more about the job. The environment, the colleagues, all the things learned here are definitely an ideal working environment that I have been looking for!

  1. We heard that you had some family concern initially, what kept you going?

Because I have a super big goal that I want to achieve and I believe this place will definitely provide me the opportunity for me to achieve it. First and foremost, we just need to understand that they are concerned because they are worried about you. You just have to prove them that you enjoy what you are doing and you can do well. I shared with them every single achievement I made so that they are rest assured that I’m doing good here.

  1. What do you enjoy most in your career now?

Discovering more about myself through the challenging yet fun and positive environment with the continuous help from my supportive colleagues. Every day, I am learning and growing. Striving to break my own personal best also gives me adrenaline rush every day.

  1. We understand you were already very focus when you started, what strike you?

When I see others can achieve whatever they want to get, I tell myself if they can, I definitely can do it also. There is no secret of why they can make it but you can’t. The essence of success here is to consistently learning and improving yourself. If you want to get more than others, then you have to put your efforts more than them, that is what I am striving to do every day.

  1. Do you think girl has more advantage than boys in sales?

Not really though. At the end of the day, you are selling yourself, your character. Everyone will have their own uniqueness that cannot be copied by others. So at the end of the day, just one thing: be yourself!

  1. Future aspiration?

I would like to have my own social enterprise and foundation for poor children in developing countries. Here, everyone will have their own opportunity to achieve their own dreams. They will be equipped not only with academic background but also character building and entrepreneurial skills.


  1. What is your advise for someone who isnt local like you?

Do not need to worry about it because if you think too much about it, you will use it as excuse whenever you face difficulties. Just be yourself and be sincere in whatever you are doing. People will love you if you are genuine.

8.3 Tips for someone new.

  1. Set your goals big that all the problems that you face seems very small and insignificant
  2. Keep learning because once you stop learning, everything is over
  3. Spend time with people who are motivated as well to keep you pushing

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