What does Dirad do?

We are a leading Sales and Marketing firm. We provide outsourced Sales Solutions to the clients we represent. We are engaged by a variety of companies that do not have their own sales/marketing teams or find that it is much more cost-effective to outsource the work, than to set up and manage a sales team. In turn, we provide our clients with dedicated, well-trained and professional teams to represent them

What type of companies do we work with?

We are proudly engaged by some of the biggest companies in Singapore. The varieties of businesses include telecommunications, utilities, financial institutions, charity organisations and lifestyle.

Why are we recruiting?

Every time we achieve benchmark targets for our clients, we increase our goals and set out a new expansion target with them. We need more manpower to achieve those targets. At the same time, we need more manpower to launch our new campaigns and to manage our overseas operations.

What is it that our clients need us to do?

Generally, we create new businesses and a new source of income for these businesses. We do this by mass marketing acquisition programs. Our acquisition programs may include achieving sales results by acquiring a new customer base, or by simply promoting our client’s services directly on their behalf.

How do we represent these companies?

We coordinate interactive and face-to-face presentations with each potential customer. This is known as the “Human Commercial”. Like moving posters and talking advertisements, we interact with thousands and thousands of customers every day, with detailed, interactive, personalized and professional one-on-one presentations.

Why is this form of Marketing so important?

Other forms of marketing are proving less effective for immediate sales results and return on investments are decreasing significantly over the years, with escalating costs year on year. Above-the-line advertising channels (such as TV, radio, pamphlets) are becoming increasingly expensive and impersonal, time-consuming with non-measurable results. Face-to-face sales and marketing programs have proven to be very effective for our clients.
This approach provides 2-way communication to the customers, is very adaptable to every different individual customer (therefore very personalized), and provide our clients with specifically measurable results. Through professional, comprehensive and on-going training, our people are able to achieve surprisingly consistent results, with each and every campaign.

I know Sales & Marketing always go hand-in-hand. But exactly how are they related?

How does Dirad’s campaigns achieve marketing effects for the clients? The bottom line of every company is revenue from sales. The main objective of all marketing campaigns is to therefore to increase awareness and eventually generate more sales revenue. What we do is no different; we establish contact with thousands of customers every day, with detailed explanations and interactive presentations. Even though every one of our executive can only interact with a small number of customers per day, but when multiplied by the total number of executives in the campaign and number of days in a month, it would be thousands of presentations every month, and hundreds of thousands every year.

What skills do I need?

A positive approach towards your work is an incredibly important criterion to us. Strong communication skills and the ability to work in an enthusiastic environment. The ability to set and achieve targets. Have the maturity and self-motivation to perform in an unsupervised environment.

Will training be provided?

Yes, every campaign has its own unique service and product, therefore training is specifically provided for each one. We also have our own internal sales/marketing and management training program. This is called the Cycle of Development. It is an ongoing training program in which every individual will progress at their own pace, through to the Partnership level. Assistance is also provided by a mentoring-apprenticeship system to support all new executives in the organization.

What opportunities do I have?

Due to the fact that our business has been growing from ever-increasing demand from our clients, we are looking to fulfill representative openings through to supervisory roles such as Team Leadership and eventually through to management opportunities via our expansion plans. This is provided by offering Partnerships to our top performing people.

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