Firdaus Noordin

The values and skills that I have learnt in Dirad Group had helped me a lot in my journey toward entrepreneurship

Sales is applicable in every aspects of our life and it is a very important skill to possess.
In Dirad, I was exposed to:

A great sales system
Manage and train people of various ages
Keep on learning. Upgrade yourself
People skills, Sales techniques and Great friends
What I’ve learnt and gained in Dirad Group has helped me tremendously in my career path. After leaving Dirad to continue my studies, I did try to work as an employee. It did not last long though. It has made me realized that entrepreneurship is the direction that I want to head towards.

I started to dabble in a couple of businesses just to explore. Recently, I just open up a Digital Agency company. It has been an exciting journey. And the values and skills that I have learnt in Dirad Group had helped me a lot in this journey.

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