1.How did you get started?

ZW: At the time of point when I started, i need a job that can help me to grow fast and achieve what i want in life within a short period of times.

2.Share with us your previous career before working here

ZW: Erm, Previously I was working in a marketing company for baby products, helping to market to different company like mothercare, kiddy palace and etc. After working there for 3 months, i realize that I do not have much career advancement and the salary was very stagnate so i decided to have a change in job and guess what! I found Dirad Group as a company that can help me to fulfill my goals.

3.What do you enjoy most in your career now?

ZW: Good question. what i enjoy the most is going overseas with my company. I have the chance to learn from people from other countries.

I enjoy training people as well because I can pass down my knowledge to my colleagues and together we grow as a company too.

4.We heard that you had a rough start compared to most, how did you get it going?

ZW: Yes, you’re right! When i first started, it is really quite tough for me to get going. But instead of giving, up I choose to work even harder, start to ask my managers what can i improve on and what should I do to bring out the best of me with the help from my managers im getting better and better each and everyday.

5.Future aspiration?

ZW: Great, I have a lot of things that i wanted to achieve in life. The top 3 goes to;

  1. Retired both my parents by end of 2016.
  2. To open my own seafood restaurant in 2017.
  3. Expand and Open up an office in Taiwan in 2017.

6.What do you think is the preparation for anyone new?

ZW: Be ready to open yourself up and have a great student mentality to start a learning journey with us. And always ASK when you’re unsure.


7.3 Tips for someone new.

ZW: 3 tips, i would say number

1: Always enjoy the process of the things you do.

2: Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve in life.

3: Be yourself

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