1.You had some history with Dirad, share with us?

I first joined the company in 2009. I left after 3 months due to family issues. But the experience I obtained during the 3 months has been great and i kept in contact with the people in the company even after i left. I moved on to work in many different Sales & Marketing company. But however, none turns out to be positive and leaving me searching for better opportunities again and again.

In 2012, opportunity came to me again. Just left my previous job in logistics sales, and in search for a better career, I chanced upon You Jia, managing director of Dirad. We catched up a little. Remembering back in 2009, when i first joined the company, You Jia was still a very new business owner. Just started up his office in a shop house space along Chinatown. In 2012, You Jia had shifted from shop house to having his own office space in MND building. The company has definitely grown to become better. But what makes me surprise is such a big major growth change happened in just a short 2-3years. Hence, I decided to give this industry a shot once again.

2.You have work in a few sales and marketing job, why do you think this can be more?

From previous sales and marketing role, it’s always about securing sales for the company. Day in day out meeting clients for the company. But the effort and hardwork is never recognised by the bosses as it is your duty to fulfil your role as a sales and marketing executive. After awhile, I started feeling stagnant and lack in excitement about the job.

In Dirad, the environment is very different. Recognition for the efforts and hardwork is like a norm. Everyone is positive and encourages one another to strive forward. There’s always constant new skills to be picked up and always making me feel excited. And most importantly, it allows me to have a chance and opportunity to set up my own business in future.

3.Has becoming a daddy now distracted you or makes you more committed?

Becoming a daddy has never been a distraction, but in fact has makes me become more commited to my goals. Because now, its never just about me, its about my kid’s future.

4.What were your challenges in your career and how did you overcome it

Which industry does not have any challenges? Even a cleaner will have challenges. But I’ve always got this quote in me that constantly reminding myself, “For every problem, there’s always a solution”. This has kept me going, and always in search for the solutions whenever I meet with any challenges. I will always look for my seniors in the industry to ask for their opinions and suggestions to overcome challenges that I faced, best of all, they have never ever once rejected me.

5.Future aspiration

My future aspiration is to provide a better life for my family and love ones.
To make people around me happy and help people in my team to achieve their goals.

6.3 Tips for someone new.

1) Knowing what you want & what you don’t want in life
2) Strive hard and be positive to find solutions whenever there’s any challenges faced
3) Never self doubt your own ability and never belittle yourself


Firdaus Noordin

The values and skills that I have learnt in Dirad Group had helped me a lot in my journey toward entrepreneurship

Sales is applicable in every aspects of our life and it is a very important skill to possess.
In Dirad, I was exposed to:

A great sales system
Manage and train people of various ages
Keep on learning. Upgrade yourself
People skills, Sales techniques and Great friends
What I’ve learnt and gained in Dirad Group has helped me tremendously in my career path. After leaving Dirad to continue my studies, I did try to work as an employee. It did not last long though. It has made me realized that entrepreneurship is the direction that I want to head towards.

I started to dabble in a couple of businesses just to explore. Recently, I just open up a Digital Agency company. It has been an exciting journey. And the values and skills that I have learnt in Dirad Group had helped me a lot in this journey.



  1. How did you get started in Dirad?

I just graduated from University and looking for job opportunities. I came across about this career opportunity from online portal. While waiting for other job interview, I just gave it a try to find out more about the job. The environment, the colleagues, all the things learned here are definitely an ideal working environment that I have been looking for!

  1. We heard that you had some family concern initially, what kept you going?

Because I have a super big goal that I want to achieve and I believe this place will definitely provide me the opportunity for me to achieve it. First and foremost, we just need to understand that they are concerned because they are worried about you. You just have to prove them that you enjoy what you are doing and you can do well. I shared with them every single achievement I made so that they are rest assured that I’m doing good here.

  1. What do you enjoy most in your career now?

Discovering more about myself through the challenging yet fun and positive environment with the continuous help from my supportive colleagues. Every day, I am learning and growing. Striving to break my own personal best also gives me adrenaline rush every day.

  1. We understand you were already very focus when you started, what strike you?

When I see others can achieve whatever they want to get, I tell myself if they can, I definitely can do it also. There is no secret of why they can make it but you can’t. The essence of success here is to consistently learning and improving yourself. If you want to get more than others, then you have to put your efforts more than them, that is what I am striving to do every day.

  1. Do you think girl has more advantage than boys in sales?

Not really though. At the end of the day, you are selling yourself, your character. Everyone will have their own uniqueness that cannot be copied by others. So at the end of the day, just one thing: be yourself!

  1. Future aspiration?

I would like to have my own social enterprise and foundation for poor children in developing countries. Here, everyone will have their own opportunity to achieve their own dreams. They will be equipped not only with academic background but also character building and entrepreneurial skills.


  1. What is your advise for someone who isnt local like you?

Do not need to worry about it because if you think too much about it, you will use it as excuse whenever you face difficulties. Just be yourself and be sincere in whatever you are doing. People will love you if you are genuine.

8.3 Tips for someone new.

  1. Set your goals big that all the problems that you face seems very small and insignificant
  2. Keep learning because once you stop learning, everything is over
  3. Spend time with people who are motivated as well to keep you pushing

Joval Gan

I strongly recommend anyone who is just starting their career to consider a career in the sales industry

I have met You Jia and have the privilege of working with Dirad Group closely when I was the Country Head of Appco Singapore between 2009 to 2014.

It is the training and the personal development that I have received during my stint in the company that is giving me the confidence to transit into any industry that I wish to get involved in.

I strongly recommend anyone who is just starting their career to consider a career in the sales industry, and even consider working in a great environment that support their personal growth and provide unlimited training for that purpose.

I am very confident that Dirad is one such organisation and You Jia possesses the leadership required for that purpose


Mike Chia

Till now I am still applying the 5 steps of sales and “SEE”. It is amazing to know how these simple steps can assist you not just in work but in your daily life too.

First of all I will like to thank YouJia, owner of Dirad, giving me this opportunity to write a testimonial on my experience in Dirad.
To start off, I am someone who loves to interact with people but through Dirad, they had nurtured me to the next level of interaction. A “Leader” to be exact!

Systematic training and guidance let me further understood how far I could grow. From someone who could just interact to someone who could influence, and I am referring to positive influence.

The best results I got were not the sales I did on my own, but the results I saw through my trainees or should I put it as my comrades. Seeing how they grew from zero to hero was such a satisfactory. All these can only happen with proper training and guidance.

The credit goes to all my trainers and owners whom I have met along my journey in Dirad, especially You Jia, my mentor and friend. The selflessness of him had led me to where I am today. No one is born a leader but not everyone is cut up to be one too. What makes the training interesting; it brings out the leadership in you and moulds you to be one.

Till now I am still applying the 5 steps of sales and “SEE”. It is amazing to know how these simple steps can assist you not just in work but in your daily life too.

I am glad to have joined Dirad. Once again I will like to thank everyone who has helped me in Dirad.

To end this off, here is a quote by John C Maxwell which is a constant attitude been practice in Dirad… “You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger.”


Mable Xiao

It had mould me to be very forward-looking because I’m reminded that Every day is a second chance, and I always felt spurred on to want to make a difference.

The everyday sales impacts and sharing sessions has benefited me a lot.

Empathy were displayed by each and every one of us as we began with sharing the challenges/problems faced, before suggestions and more sharing came in, and always ending the sessions with an outburst of positivity, motivation and energy.

Overtime, these impacts, positivity, motivation and energy got into my heart and it got rooted inside. It had mould me to be very forward-looking because I’m reminded that every day is a second chance, and I always felt spurred on to want to make a difference.

Today, still working as a sales personnel, people whom I know or got acquainted with such as my friends, colleagues, business associates are constantly asking me where do I draw my positivity and energy from? My subordinates are asking me how do I maintain my calm posture when met with difficult customers? Why am I always in smiles and how do I maintain looking fresh every day?

It is very difficult for me to share all my experiences I had from Dirad to them but deep within, I know it has to be it…….. Simply, looking fresh every day, is also a mandatory from Dirad!”

I miss the big family bonding when there is no ’You’, ‘Me’…. There’s only ‘We’.
We help one another and move ahead together.

The sense of satisfaction is indescribable when you help a mate signing his/her first piece of sales to many more to come, seeing them soar like eagles when they themselves have never thought of this possibility.

What more can I say? Try it, to feel it yourself!