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1.You had some history with Dirad, share with us? I first joined the company in 2009. I left after 3 months due to family issues. But the experience I obtained during the 3 months has been great and i kept in contact with the people in the company even after i left. I moved on […]

Controlling International Terrorism

Controlling International Terrorism Terrorism has existed in all components on the planet during historical past. Terrorists have wreaked havoc on an untold number of harmless people young and old. It absolutely was not until such time as September 11, 2001, yet, which the concern of terrorism experienced realized these a powerful presence in the nationwide […]

Firdaus Noordin

The values and skills that I have learnt in Dirad Group had helped me a lot in my journey toward entrepreneurship Sales is applicable in every aspects of our life and it is a very important skill to possess. In Dirad, I was exposed to: A great sales system Manage and train people of various […]

The Type of Advancement

The Type of Advancement Above several years, lifestyle organisms have changed from the primitive nature towards the modern innovative organisms thru the procedure of history. The procedure occurred medically nevertheless the actual facts are an issue that is still extremely debatable today.buy papers In accordance with biologists, dwelling things have knowledgeable complicated chemical substance and […]


How did you get started in Dirad? I just graduated from University and looking for job opportunities. I came across about this career opportunity from online portal. While waiting for other job interview, I just gave it a try to find out more about the job. The environment, the colleagues, all the things learned here […]


1.How did you get started? ZW: At the time of point when I started, i need a job that can help me to grow fast and achieve what i want in life within a short period of times. 2.Share with us your previous career before working here ZW: Erm, Previously I was working in a marketing company […]

Joval Gan

I strongly recommend anyone who is just starting their career to consider a career in the sales industry I have met You Jia and have the privilege of working with Dirad Group closely when I was the Country Head of Appco Singapore between 2009 to 2014. It is the training and the personal development that […]

Mike Chia

Till now I am still applying the 5 steps of sales and “SEE”. It is amazing to know how these simple steps can assist you not just in work but in your daily life too. First of all I will like to thank YouJia, owner of Dirad, giving me this opportunity to write a testimonial […]

Mable Xiao

It had mould me to be very forward-looking because I’m reminded that Every day is a second chance, and I always felt spurred on to want to make a difference. The everyday sales impacts and sharing sessions has benefited me a lot. Empathy were displayed by each and every one of us as we began […]